Saturday, July 31

2 White Lions Weighing 180kg Ganged Up, Ate Their Owner In South Africa

A conservationist has been mauled to death by his 400lb white lions he kept at his South African safari lodge.

West Mathewson, 68, was attacked by two mature lionesses after he unlocked their gate to take them for a morning walk.

His wife Gill, 65, attempted to save her husband during the attack by distracting the 400lb lionnesses, named Tanner and Demi, but they had already inflicted very fatal injuries.

Mr Mathewson ran a popular safari known as Lion Tree Top Lodge, located near the town of Hoedspruit, around 280 miles north west of Johannesburg.

The lionesses had previously killed a man working on a neighbouring property after they broke out of their paddock in 2017.

The lionesses were tranquilised following the attack on Wednesday and have been taken to a local endangered species centre.

According to Ms Fergusson, member of the family, ‘they will later be released into the wild.’

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