Tuesday, April 20

46 Senators Sign Up Petition To Beg Buhari To Contest In 2019 Elections

Some Senators are planning to resist the National Assembly’s plot to override President Muhammadu Buhari’s veto on amendments to the Electoral Act.

Their major concern is to ensure that the President’s veto survives, especially the rejection of the new Order of Elections for 2019.

No fewer than 46 of the 108 senators have signed a register to stop moves by the Senate to pass the amendments to the Electoral Act without Buhari’s assent.

Besides, some supporters of the President are lobbying members of the House of Representatives to oppose the plot to override his veto.

The lobbyists are targeting about 260 members to sustain the veto.

Twenty All Progressives Congress (APC) governors have joined the battle to prevail on Senators and Representatives to retain the present Order of Elections.

Each of the governors is  lobbying members of the National Assembly in his state to have a rethink on the controversial amendments.

The President, last week, rejected three amendments to the Electoral Act.

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