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8 Tips to Look Stylish with a Raincoat

During the rainy season, many people struggle to look the best as their main aim is to stay dry. Yet, even during a drizzle or heavy downpour, you can achieve a chic street style look. All you have to do is master your rainy day look by trying creative ways to dress up your rain coat in a way that keeps you warm, dry and comfortable. When it comes to dressing warm most people are a pro in that but looking stylish and warm in a raincoat seems impossible to most of them. As there many types of rain coats from bombers, trenches, and jackets there are as many styling tricks that can help you look fashionable during rainy weather. Add to your rain mac collection other raincoat designs that you can use in rotation during the rainy season. Below are tips to look stylish with a raincoat.


1. Layer with cozy accessories 

As you shop online on a rainy day after you had to struggle through the rain to work. Consider getting a rain mac coat that you can layer with ease. Therefore, when it rains do not change the outfit that you were to wear just add a stylish and cozy bomber jacket and layer with your raincoat for that extra layer of warmth. Remember your stylish stole that you will wrap around your neck and an umbrella. Therefore, get shopping for raincoats that will help you combat the showers as you know how to layer them well for that warmth and luxe.

 2. Add embellishments


When you are a fashionista and you need to look the part. It may be a challenge to wear boring clothing just because it is raining. Hence you can upgrade your look to make it more attractive and stylish if you feel that your raincoat that is covering your elegant outfit is getting on the way. One way to do this is by adding embellishments. Either by yourself or looking for a PVC jacket that already has shimmery details for your rainy day piece. This will make you more comfortable to dress in a raincoat even when there is a little drizzle as you have mastered the street style look for the rainy day.

 3. Try color blocking 


 If among your collection you have a see-through raincoat. This is one of the best raincoats that you can style as you stay warm and dry and still look stylish. This coat ensures that you can play around with colors as you can easily show off your foundation look with it. Hence, with such a raincoat getting quirky with it is the best way to style it. Wear stripes, prints and color-blocked upper wear that you can show off during the rainy days as you stay warm and dry. Hence, with such an opportunity, avoid wearing plain dull colors and style up your look with some color blends.

 4. The trench coat take over 


As there are many types of raincoats that you can add to your collection. The trench raincoat is one that you can use to wear as it is a classic piece. Hence, it is possible to show it off by finding out ways to work around your outfit. Whether it is structured or slouchy you can opt to wear this instead of a long collared jacket that most people prefer. Have foundation clothing of black and white separates and have your trench coat take over by blending with all that for a rainy day ensemble.

 5. Mix materials 


If your look seems to be too feminine because you are wearing some floral pieces. Give them a boost by matching with different materials like a nylon raincoat that plays along with your color scheme. This contrast of materials is eye-catching that will have head turns on your street look. To add some warmth to this look, add a wool scarf within the same colors to have your outfit have a perfect color flow as the materials are already in contrast. Experiment with this with pieces in your wardrobe and look all stylish during the rainy weather.

 6. Copy your childhood look 


The raincoats that almost everyone wore during their childhood had a similar look and vibe. Copying this look to refresh your classic childhood look is not a bad idea as a styling option for the rainy day. The raincoats were oversized and of bright hues. Replicate this by buying yourself one that looks similar in your size and rocks it to run your errands on a rainy day. Interestingly, this look is still a win as it is a chic look especially when you pair it with unexpected pieces like high heels or high waist trousers. 

 7. Go sporty 


This is a perfect way to style your look if you do not have to suit up for work. Also, it is an ideal way to trek through the rainy weather as it is a movable outfit. To achieve this look all you need are good sneakers and a protective raincoat that is comfortable and with possible racing stripes. This outfit fits the rainy weather perfectly. Even when you add some girlie add ons it still feels like a complete well-styled ensemble. Wear this more often to run errands, catch up with friends as it is easy to put together and it’s as stylish as it is warm and comfortable.

 8. Show off your tastes


If your way of dressing is getting covered by your trench raincoat. Work a way around showing it off. If you are a biker chic, it is okay to wear your Moto and allow your collar to pop out from underneath to lay over your trench raincoat collar line. This gives your outfit an extra edge as you blend in with what you love. Alternatively, if you like pieces that show off. Choose a look that brightens everyone you meet and go big. For instance, choose an Avant-garde silhouette in a bold red or yellow shade and rock it to the office.



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