A guide to betting online for beginners

When you look at the numbers around sportsbetting in Nigeria, it is clear how popular it has become. The whole sector, for example, is thought to be worth around N730bn per annum and seesaround 60 million Nigerians active in betting on sports.


Online betting is a big reason why so many Nigerians love to wager on sports. The best internet sportsbooks are not only more convenient to use, regulated and always open but also come with cool mobile apps for betting on the move. If you fancy trying this out, though, it pays to know more about it first.


But what should you consider as a new online bettor?


Choose where to bet carefully


Carefully researching where to place bets in Nigeria is important because you should only wager at reputable sportsbooks. Nigerians should find platforms to bet at online that are easy to use, offer a range of sports and carry excellent bonuses.


Being selective about where to bet online also means you should look for a sportsbook with a quick and easy sign-up process. Betwinner is a popular site and you can find more information about the Betwinner sign-up process here.


Understand odds before placing bets


Once you have found where to place bets online in Nigeria, you must get to grips with odds. This will help you to understand what any bet could return before placing it and also how likely it is that the outcome you are backing will happen.


This kind of knowledge will put you in a much better position to enjoy your betting journey and get the most from it. The most common odds seen at Nigerian sportsbooks are fractional (ie 2/1) or decimal (ie 3.00).


Bet on sports you know


A good tip for online bettors within Nigeria is to stick to sports you know (such as football or cricket). This will make your betting journey more entertaining and help you enjoy it a lot more. But why is this true?


In simple terms, betting on sports you know means you already have a passion for the leagues or competitions you are wagering on. It also means you keep up to date with your favourite players and teams. Of course, this also comes in handy when working out which bets to make, because you have a wealth of accumulated knowledge to start from.


Do your research as well!


As well as keeping up with the latest news in world sports (such as Brighton's deal for Levi Colwill in the EPL), you should also research bets before placing them. Although you might be betting on sports you’re already familiar with, it is still wise to look at things like recent form, injury news and head-to-head records before making a decision on who to back.


Online betting guide 101


Online betting is a vast subject but these tips are perfect for any Nigerian looking to get into it. With the popularity of sports betting rising around the country, finding out more about wagering online is sensible if you want to check what all the fuss is about.