Tuesday, October 19

Abuja-based lawyer/activist, Ojukwu Chikaosolu, calls for release of Chiwetalu Agu

An Abuja-based human right activist and constitutional lawyer , Ojukwu Chikaosolu has asked the military to unconditional release the actor forthwith .

Agu was arrested by the Army on Wednesday,, October 7, for spotting an outfit with the Biafran flag.

Reacting to the development, Osita said

“ The arrest of a Nigerian who is in the middle of the road giving bread to the poor on the grounds he wore a cloth with a Biafra flag is not an offence known to any law in nigeria. While IPOB maybe proscribed, the biafra flag is in National museums , archives etc as such not proscribed .

The military applied extra ordinary and non proportionate  force on a 65 year old veteran and breached his fundamental right to human dignity.

He must be released forthwith ” Ojukwu said

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