Monday, January 17

Actress Brenda Wairimu puts her thigh tattoos on display!

Kenyan actress, Brenda Wairimu must be going through a whole new phase of change judging from her latest moves on social media.

Well about a week ago the actress shaved her long strands as she opted for a new hairdo. Of course her fans were as shocked as any other person who admired the long hair Brenda Wairimu had been rocking for years.

However this is not her first big chop; so I bet she it all planned out and unlike what many expected, Brenda Wairimu actually came out looking more like a doll – and boy we love it!

With new changes comes two thigh tattoos that Brenda recently added to her list of body art. As seen on her IG page Brenda used this to throw shade at those who think they can hurt her.

According to Brenda Wairimu she has since become numb to pain; hence her nap time during her tattoo session. She wrote;

‘You think you can hurt me? I nap while getting tattooed 😈 Thank you @austin_254tattoos your work is so good , the details are my favourite part, you can see clearly on my stories! And they do house calls too.
Remember…this is the year of YES and guilt free NO’s. Should I shave my hair? YES Should I get those tattoos I’ve been wanting?YES Should I get pregnant by this man? 👀 if you have to ask, it’s probably NO ladies 🤣👀’

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