Saturday, December 4

Actress Crytsal Okoye Accuses Chizzy Alichi of Making her Lose a Role because she didn’t Post her on her Birthday

Actress Crytsal Okoye  took to Instagram to call out her colleague, Chizzy Alichi, while accusing her of pulling strings to make her lose a job.

According to Crystal, Chizzy, upon realizing they were on set together, called the person who contacted them for the job to allegedly inform them that she can’t be on the same set with her.

Crystal said she had made her hair for the village scene before she was told she wouldn’t be needed for the movie again.

She claimed the animosity from Chizzy started because she didn’t post her on her birthday.

She explained that she had traveled from Asaba, Delta state, to Ebonyi state to celebrate Chizzy when she got married and she has always celebrated her. When Chizzy’s birthday came, she said she celebrated her too but didn’t post her picture on Instagram to celebrate her.

She claims this angered Chizzy and she unfollowed her then also failed to celebrate her on her birthday.

She claims that from then on, Chizzy started beefing her.

Crystal told Chizzy that she wouldn’t be where she is in the industry if her senior colleagues had done to her what she’s doing to her junior colleagues.

She went on to accuse Chizzy of playing God.

Watch the video below.

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