Sunday, April 11

Actress Eve Esin blasts fan asking why she denied her Biafran identity, says “If you don’t block me I will block you”

Talented Nollywood Actress, Eve Esin few hours ago posted a picture on her Instagram page. And as usual, got lovely reactions and comments from loved ones and fans who support her.

She posted the picture below with the caption; The brother God gave me. His headache? One in a million yet i cant throw him away. Mpa, thanks for being there. With the hashtag #brotherfromanothermother.

A comment caught her eye and she had to reply. The comment was from a user whose usernname was ‘bjustin1010’. The comment read; I still wait for your reply, why you denied your Biafran identity.

Eve Esin replied him saying; if you don’t stop this line of discussion. Block me else i will block you and i mean it.

It seems the Instagram user has been bringing this question up in her other posts, and she had no choice but to take matters into her hands.

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