Friday, June 25

Actress Mimi Orijiekwe Shares Image Of An Email A Hired Assassin Sent

Popular Nollywood screen diva, Mimi Orijiekwe has shared an image of an email she received from an assassin who claims his service was soughted by one of Mimi’s close pals to kill her and her child.

The assassin told the actress that he has been paid by one of her bossom friends to eliminate her and her child within 7 days but will not not carry out the order if Mimi is able to pay him N500K.

According to him, they have knowledge of all of her schedules, route, residence and home address including the quickest safe house she could think of.

The actress seems unbothered about the threat and bla8med it on coronavirus as the reason why people are using dubious means to robb people off their money. She corrected the assassin by first asking her to correct the spelling of her name and come to her residence for more than what he’s asking for.

See image below:


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