Monday, May 10

Actress Xandy Kamel stirs controversy as she removed her pant on live TV

Popular actress, Xandy Kamel, shocked her viewers.

Xandy was on a live interview on Kofi TV show, where she fearlessly took of her pants when the interview was on going. They were having a discussion on camera tricks and sex scenes in movies, and in an effort to make her interviewer get a better understanding of how real acting is, she decided to take off her pant.

Xandy, in the process of doing that, looked confidence, and probably, saw nothing wrong with it. In fact, from the video, the host of the show, Kofi, urged her to remove the pant “like the way she does in the movies”.

Her action has sparked controversy among social media users, with some saying it was “shameful, needless and unfortunate”.

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