Monday, June 14

Adunni Ade Recalls being Raised by her Father and Step mom and how She was Tossed Here and There

Actress Adunni Ade has said Nigerian men, who are single fathers, “can’t really take care of their child “.

The mom-of-two opened up about being raised by her father and step mom and being tossed between family members.

She told Chude Jidonwo during an interview that her father is her “everything” but he had to make money so she was raised by different family members and it “was not the best”.

She said: “My dad is my everything. He was doing everything he could to create a name for himself, his business, his work, and I guess, you know…

“I hope I’m not being mean by saying Nigerian men, they can’t really… single father, can’t really just take care of their child, so they have to put the child here and put the child there.”

She also opened up about her relationship with her mother, and also with the father of her children.

Watch her speak in the interview below.

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