Saturday, June 12

Alleged Side Chick Confronted At Ikeja Mall By Nigerian Woman Cries Out

Alleged side chick who was blasted and embarrassed at Ikeja Shopping Mall in Lagos by an unidentified wife has cried out.

Days after a Nigerian woman  embarrassed her husband’s alleged side chick at Ikeja Shopping Mall in Lagos, the reported side chick has finally decided to publicly deny the allegations.

The alleged side chick who said she is a relationship consultant and a professional match-maker, has cried out saying the allegation heaped on her by the woman is totally false as  she will not want to jeopardize her interest as an relationship expert by stooping so low as to sleep with another woman’s husband.

“It is not true” She exclaimed. “I just don’t know what happened, but I know the truth will come out.”

She also disclosed that because of the incident she would be teaching married woman how to react  and settle issues amicably with their husbands instead of fighting publicly as such women have the tendency to commit suicide because of their husband’s infidelity.

She further promised to continue bringing people together instead of dividing them….

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“It wasn’t true” Lady that was accused of having an affair with a married man speaks up, says there was a mix up somewhere.

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