Tuesday, May 11

APC Used Chibok Girls To Clinch Power But Not To Free Them – Parents

Parents of the abducted Chibok girls who are still in captivity, have accused the APC government of using their daughters to clinch power but not to free them. Mr Ayuba Alamson who is the spokesperson of parents of the abducted girls, said the APC benefitted from their travails, but had not done enough to dry their tears.

Ayuba who stated that it was a well known fact that the circumstances surrounding the abduction of the schoolgirls on April 14, 2014 from their school in Chibok Secondary School was the major reason many Nigerians opted for change and chose the APC over the Peoples Democratic Party, attributed the inability to rescue the girls at the early stage of their abduction to the unserious attitude of the then administration of former President Goodluck Jonathan, who according to him never believed the kidnap story until two weeks after the girls’ abduction.

The spokesperson of parents of the Chibok girls who accused the APC of using their daughters to clinch power but not to free them, also slammed the the APC leadership in Borno State who according to them failed to act promptly to the security alert in the area before the abduction.

“APC has used the abduction of our girls to earn power in an easy way in 2015 but is yet to justify the promises they made while seeking power then. I also supported the efforts of those parents in voting for the APC, but till today, the efforts are in vain. Our girls were in the hands of the APC government at the state level, while the PDP was ruling at the federal level” Alanson said.

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