Arsenal boss Arteta: Xhaka leadership a joy for young players here

Arsenal boss Arteta: Xhaka leadership a joy for young players here

Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta has paid tribute to Granit Xhaka ahead of his potential farewell tomorrow.

The midfielder is expected to leave Arsenal for Bayer Leverkusen this summer.

Asked about Xhaka's sale, Arteta said: “I cannot talk and I won't talk about the future of any player. We have to wrap up the season and then we will plan the following season."

However, he also expanded on the midfielder, stating: “For me, crucial.

“Really really important, on every level. I think for the team and for the club as well. In the great moments like the season he has had, and in the difficult ones.

“We have become a better club and better people and we have understood certain situations much better than just judging them.

“I think the club and a lot of people have done really well to dig in there and understand what happened emotionally and why those reactions were happening. And having the courage to say okay, let's turn around the situation and face it.

“There are going to be moments of doubt but if you believe in what you are doing and you go face-to-face and you say what you feel, normally things work out pretty well.

“Look at how he behaves. Not only him, we have some others that are absolutely a joy for those boys. The way they treat them.

“It is an honest and a unique willingness to help them. It is not an act. It is not because they think it is supposed to be their role. It is genuine. And that is what makes the difference.

“We have four or five in that dressing room who have been critical for those players to grow, to have the right support and to inspire them.

“And in the right moment to challenge them, to get them into the right direction when they are tempted to go somewhere else. You need that."