Saturday, May 15

Atlanta Male Stripper Turned Cult Leader Gets His Black Female Followers Locked Up In Jail In Costa Rica

An Atlanta stripper turned cult leader has got his followers locked up in jail in Costa Rica.

Eligo Bishop, is a former model, stripper, prostitute and barber, who now leads a cult called Melanation. The cult consists of black men and women scantily clad, most times with just leaves covering their private parts.

He and his followers made their home in a jungle in an unknown location in Costa Rica.

Bishop became “conscious” three years ago and recruited a bunch of women to follow him into the jungles. The group, also known as the Etherians, consists of Bishop and some black men and women.

Some of them have even married among themselves, including Bishop who also refers to himself as Nature Boy. Bishop’s wife’s name is Pocahontas.

The Melanation have their rules which include living off the land, surrounded by nature. Their women, known as the melanated wombman, are seen as nurturers who nurture the land and children while the men, known as the melanated men, are seen as the enforcers of their law, know as the Myat law. The Myat laws are embedded within the melanated man, according to their beliefs, and as such he has to enforce it.

Polygamy is allowed in the Melanation. They believe “it is in man’s nature to desire more than one woman and it’s in the nature of the wombman to desire only one man”. Bishop himself has another woman with his wife’s blessing. The women see themselves as sisters.

Bishop has been running this cult for a while and regularly posts videos on YouTube, but recently, one of them sent out a cry for help on Instagram revealing they’ve been jailed in Costa Rica.

Travelers from Canada or the United States can enter Costa Rica without a visa for 90 days. After that, they must apply for a temporary resident permit. Apparently, members of the cult do not have valid resident permit, hence they have been sent to jail.

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