Friday, May 14

Attack On Tinubu/Akande/Yoruba Over Buhari’s Health: One Ingratitude Too Many

Just yesterday, two groups parading themselves as APC Youth Progressive Frontier and Northern Patriotic Assembly released statements where they made insulting remarks at Chief Bisi Akande, the protem national chairman of APC, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the party’s national leader, and Yoruba ethnic group over an innocuous and statesman remark made by Akande with respect to the health situation of President Muhammadu Buhari on Monday.

It is a shame that these two groups chose to exhibit their shallow thought in the public by interpreting the call made by Bisi Akande to allow Buhari seek proper medical attention to mean “derogatory remarks on the president” and “exploitation of the president’s health for the benefit of Yoruba” as the APCPYF and NPA put it respectively.

It is most shameful that these two groups and their sponsors are more interested in maintaining their hold on power even at the expense of the health of the President and the country. They are less concerned that the country is in a fix simply because nobody really know who is in-charge of the presidency. The President has been kept indoors for almost 3 weeks, even missing three consecutive federal executive council meetings, which he was meant to chair, yet they aren’t bothered.

They threw attack on Akande and Tinubu, but where were these people and their sponsors when Tinubu was joining forces with Buhari in order to make him President after three previous failed attempts without Asiwaju? They claimed that Yoruba people want to exploit the situation because their son is next in line, but where were they when Buhari kept losing on three different occasions because he couldn’t win Yoruba land only to emerge winner after gaining support of the Yoruba nation?

It is a show of ingratitude for these groups, who are speaking on behalf of some powerful forces within the Presidency and APC, to launch direct and indirect attack at the APC leader, a man that forgo his political ambition of becoming Vice President to see that Buhari and his party defeat the former ruling party in 2015.

It is more shameful that his detractors in display of cowardice could not come open but chose to use two malicious groups which existence doesn’t go beyond two press releases.

Is it not enough that all the ministerial nominations of Tinubu were rejected in favor of those that want his head at all cost due to their envy of his ever rising profile? Is it not enough that his protégé in Ondo state was maliciously eased out during the APC Gubernatorial primaries in the state by those party men who couldn’t face him in a free and fair contest? Is it not enough that the president and his handlers have been trying so hard to rewrite the true story of the nomination of VP Osinbajo as Buhari’s running mate in the 2015 election? This is just one ingratitude too many.

I am not a member of APC, neither am I a Yoruba man, I have nothing to gain (as an individual) whether or not Buhari take medical leave or resign from office. My concern is premised on the fact that I am a citizen of Nigeria and equal partner in the Nigeria project.

What is legitimate for the President and the country at this time is that he seek medical leave and handover power to Vice President Osinbajo or resign and face his ailing condition. Nigeria must not be confined to a sick bed in Aso Rock clinic because the President is facing health challenge. His handlers must allow him to transmit powers to his Vice in accordance with the law and take medical leave.

While I admit that we have the responsibility of praying for quick recovery of the president, I must also acknowledge that the handlers have the responsibility of allowing the president proper medical attention and care. I believe this is the position of Bisi Akande, I am in total agreement with him.

Let me emphasise that Nigeria is not a private company that belongs to some few individuals, group or cabal. Nigeria belongs to all Nigerians irrespective of tribe, religion or social status. By the grace of God we shall make a clear statement to the cabal in power in 2019 when we head to the poll.

May God Bless Us All And Bless Nigeria

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