Tuesday, October 19

BBNaija S6: Why I planned to share Liquorose with Emmauel, says Cross


Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye housemate, Cross, said he had planned on sharing Liquorose with Emmauel, her love interest.

He made this known to Pere and Whitemoney in the early hours of Saturday, day 70 of the show, after the Jacuzzi party.

Cross stated that he was happy Angel returned to the house because he planned on getting closer to Liquorose.

He said, “If not, I would have gone to share Liquor with Emmanuel. I swear I was planning to do that. I was going to get closer to Liquor, I swear to you.

“I know I was saying it as a joke but I knew I was going to get closer to Liquorose, maybe not romantically but I will get to know her more. I would want to know her story and know her details.I was looking forward to getting to know her.

Pere then chipped in, stating that most housemates do not know much about Liquorose’s background.

“You think that thing I was saying on Sunday was a joke? If you people didn’t come back, I would go and share Liquor with Emmauel.

“After I know your own story, will I be looking at you in your eyes? I’ll get bored. And I don’t like to get bored.

“I’ll find something to do. I’ll have to create something from my mind to do. So in my mind, I knew I was going to get closer to Liquor; know her story, tell her to gist with me, and I’ll tell her my own story.

“From there, we’ll start bonding more. If Emmauel likes, he should get angry.I won’t kiss her, I just wanted to know her, that’s all.

“So God in heaven sent back Angel here. I was so happy. I said, ‘Thank God’. Angel kept me company on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday but since Friday, she has started. That her boyfriend she likes outside, she really likes the guy.”

Cross had earlier stated that he doesn’t understand Angel’s mood swings but after Whitemoney advised him to love Angel, he decided that he was the wrong person for her.

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