Beem: Tiger 'here to win' if he makes amazing Masters return

Beem: Tiger 'here to win' if he makes amazing Masters return

Rich Beem looks at just how likely a remarkable return to golf for Tiger Woods is this week and assesses both his and Rory McIlroy's chances of emerging victorious at The Masters.

Will Tiger make remarkable Masters comeback?

I've got to say, I did not see this one coming.

When I heard last week that he [Tiger] was coming to Augusta National to get a practice round in, alongside his son and Justin Thomas, I thought 'well, this is kind of interesting'.

This is one of the golf courses I never expected to see him make his comeback on, as it's a difficult walk to say the least, and then to try and stabilise your body when you're making your swing off of these hills that pitch front to back, sideways, downhill - all over the place.

Obviously only one person knows whether his body can handle it and that is Tiger himself. It will be interesting to see what his preparation looks like over the next couple of days.

He is not out here just to compete, he is out here to win. And if there is anybody that can navigate this golf course by not having their 'A' game but by just being so strong mentally, it definitely would be Tiger.

He understands the places you can and cannot afford to miss some of these shots out here. And if he can rely heavily on his short game, especially the putter, then why not?