Wednesday, January 19

Benitez: Everton must learn to sell best players at right time

Everton boss Rafa Benitez has hinted they may sell a top line player to boost their coffers.

Benitez was restricted to spending just £1.7m in transfer fees in the summer and expects to have ‘not too much’ money to use in January.

“It means we have to get the best from our players from now till the end but at the same time thinking about the long-term future,” he said.

“It is important to do the right thing at the right time.

“If not, you can’t allow to spend money every year so you have to manage [that].

“Some clubs have been selling players at the right time and with the money they received they improved the squad.

“That is something we have to learn.

“The owner is ready to spend money but we can’t spend all the time without bringing money back in.

“So I think we have to be clever in the future but at the moment, at this time, we have to make sure we can bring the best out of our players.”

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