Sunday, April 18

Bobrisky To Get A New Apartment For An Elderly Woman Who Declared Love For Him

A recent video wherein an elderly woman held a placard to declare her love for Bobrisky has gotten the attention of the crossdresser and he promised to change the life of the woman.

The woman’s grandson, @goodluck155553 had tagged Bobrisky while sharing photos of the poor living condition of himself and his grandmother via Instagram.

He wrote;

“Grandma am sorry everything will be okay one day you will eat a better food in this life one day when there’s life there’s hope @bobrisky222”

Sharing a photo of the kind of food they eat; he wrote;

“God please have mercy on us look at what we do eat nd this cocoyam will be scratching us in the tongue @bobrisky222”

He shared video of his grandmother declaring love for Bobrisky @

After seeing his posts, Bobrisky pledged to gift the woman a new apartment and has paid for ticket for the woman’s flight to Lagos so as to meet with her.

Bobrisky shared the video and wrote;

“@goodluck155553 can’t wait to see you and your grandma tomorrow. Mama need a new apartment in d town not dis bush, secondly mama need to be enjoying and resting at her old age now. Can’t wait to see you both in Lagos tomorrow. Check ur dm for ur ticket”

See video below.

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