Monday, January 24

BUA’s Sugar Plantation: A Reply To Chika Mbonu By Perry Okolugbo

BUA Sugar Plantation: Dangote, Flour Mills And Chika Mbonu’s Lies Busted

Whilst banker turned TV analyst, chika mbonu was busy spewing lies about satellite imagery reminiscent of the infamous iraqi weapons of mass destruction saga, unbeknownst to him, journalists were on an unpaid media tour of the BUA Sugar Lafiagi plantation to see for themselves and also take pictures and videos that completely debunked his fake, clumsy claims of nothing being on ground. Lol. The truth was far different from what Mbonu was saying on TV.

The plantation is being developed, the ethanol plant is completed and awaiting commissioning, construction of the sugar refinery is at 68percent and shoould be completed alongside the sugar mill in Q1, 2021. Nigerians begin to wonder why the continued onslaught by Flour Mills and Dangote Sugar against BUA Sugar through the use of influencers analysts.

Nigerians online began to ask questions: what does it take to be an analyst? Only chika, his likes can answer.

Landing at the BUA Sugar Plantation 3 Kilometer Airstrip in Lafiagi


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