Tuesday, October 26

Carragher admits Milan were the better team in Istanbul final

A decade-and-a-half on from the most unlikely of triumphs, the Liverpool star says that the 2004-05 Champions League runner-ups were stronger

Liverpool stalwart Jamie Carragher has admitted that his team were not the better side on the night of their remarkable Champions League success against Milan in Istanbul in 2005.

The Reds famously scored three goals in the space of six minutes to erase their rivals’ lead in Turkey and force a penalty shootout, which they went on to win.

The match is widely considered one of the most remarkable sporting feats of the 21st century, with Rafa Benitez’s achievement still held in high regard by supporters and rivals alike, but reflecting on the match a decade-and-a-half later as he prepares to rewatch the game, Carragher has acknowledged that the best team on the day were the ones that went home empty-handed

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