Celebrities Who Were Victims of Medical Negligence

Celebrities Who Were Victims of Medical Negligence
Celebrities Who Were Victims of Medical Negligence

Research indicates that Nigeria has experienced a big upsurge in medical negligence cases of late, owing to a lack of human resources and infrastructure in the health sector. In fact, around 33.3% of Nigerian patients have stated that medical treatment has caused them additional injuries. While many of the highest-paying compensation cases involve unknown people, celebrities, too, have been at the receiving end of medically negligent treatment. From The Sound of Music star, Julie Andrews, to Wayne’s World icon, Dana Carvey, stars have true stories to tell that may send shivers down your spine.
Dana Carvey
Dana Carvey has made many people smile, but in 1997, he experienced something that no human being should have to endure. He was scheduled for a routine coronary bypass and the operation seemed to go smoothly. However, soon after, he started feeling poorly and two months down the line, it was discovered that the surgeon had bypassed the wrong artery. This resulted in big economic losses, as he was unable to work for various years. In the end, he did what all patients who have been wronged should do – see a medical malpractice attorney. Interestingly, in the US, some 50% of medical malpractice cases brought to court have strong evidence of medical negligence. Justice prevailed and Carvey, who sued the surgeon and the hospital for $7.5 million, settled for an undisclosed amount. Because of this negligence, Carvey was forced to have a subsequent angioplasty to target the correct artery.
Julie Andrews
In 1997, Julie Andrews had surgery to remove nodules located near her vocal cords. However, things went awry when the surgery was performed on both sides of her throat instead of exclusively on the affected side. This caused permanent damage to her voice. Although she won a settlement in 2000, she lamented the loss of her perfect soprano voice.
John Ritter
John Ritter, of Three’s Company fame, is one of the most beloved comedic actors in the history of Hollywood. However, his life came to a tragic (and early) end when, while acting in his show, 8 Simple Rules, he suffered an aortic dissection (a big tear in the body’s largest blood vessel). He was brought to a medical center nearby, only to have doctors treat his condition as though it were a heart attack. Unfortunately, the beloved actor passed away. His wife brought a wrongful death lawsuit against the hospital and eight medical personnel, receiving a sizable settlement for Ritter’s children and herself.
Kylie Minogue
In 2005, Kylie Minogue was ready to keep shining on her Showgirl tour, having been given the ‘perfect health’ pass by her doctor after a mammogram. The problem was that she had breast cancer at the time—a disease that was initially misdiagnosed. When, during her tour, she felt a lump in her breast, she went back to the doctor’s, finally receiving the right diagnosis. Kylie seeks to remind all women to trust their intuition. “Because someone is in a white coat and using big medical instruments doesn’t necessarily mean they’re right,” she told Ellen Degeneres, adding that women should see their health providers again if they have any doubts.
Dana Carvey, Julie Andrews, John Ritter, and Kylie Minogue are four celebrities who have been on the receiving end of less-than-stellar medical treatment. In the case of John Ritter, it cost him his life. Kylie Minogue’s message on the importance of getting a second opinion is vital to stop potentially life-threatening diseases like cancer.