Friday, April 23

Chioma’s Family Refunds Bride Price to Davido’s Family – Details

It’s official, there was no Assurance 2020 and there would be no Assurance 2021.

Davido dated Chioma, played around with her emotions, got her pregnant and turned her into a baby mama all on the assurance that he would marry her.

He then dumped her like all his other baby mamas.

Their breakup is now official as controversial Nigerian investigative journalist Kemi Olunloyo has released details.

According to her, Chioma’s family has returned the bride price Davido and his family paid, signalling that they are no longer interested in their engagement becoming a marriage.

Kemi dropped the gist on social media.

“Chioma’s bride price has been refunded. You can now stop fasting and praying for David.” she wrote.

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