Sunday, September 26

Cleric Urges Fathers To Discharge Family Responsibilities Well

Pastor Isaac Adeosun, the Founder, Christ Apostolic Church, Oke-Iyanu, in Ile-Ife, has charged fathers to discharge their responsibility to their families effectively.

Adeosun gave the advice in an interview with newsmen in Ile–Ife on Sunday against the backdrop of the commemoration of the 2017 Father’s Day.

He criticised fathers who would only gave birth to children but not provide for their welfare through proper feeding and education.

“They rather prefer to be `Father Christmas’ at beer parlours and parties at the expense of their suffering families at home,” he said.

“No wonder some children become vagabonds used as willing tools for political violence because no one cares for them and they lack parental care.”

Adeosun appealed to fathers to be responsive and responsible for the welfare of their families by providing for them.

“Train the children in the way of the Lord and when they grow up, they will not depart from it, rather than abandon them to stray and be involved in atrocities that could destroy their future.”

According to the cleric, God will ask all parents, especially fathers, to give an account of each child given to them and in order not to be guilty on the judgment day, they need to discharge their duties well.

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