Monday, September 27

Congo Government Seizes The Mountain Of Gold Discovered By Villagers

The BBC has confirmed that the viral Video making rounds on social media is true and indeed a mountain rich in gold deposits was found in mountain dey Birava village, 35km from di north of Bukavu, inside di capital city of South-Kivu province.

The government has not only sent the security forces to take over the mountain but to also recover all the gold already mined by the villagers.
It is reported that the soil there is highly concentrated in gold deposits even as high as 90%

Di latest now say goment don send Police to di area to return order and to collect back di gold wey di villagers bin don carry.

DR Congo na kontri wey dey rich in minerals and precious metals like gold, and di mountain inside di video na registered mining area wey get official workers.

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No be all di pipo we see for di video be di actual workers on di site, Malenga bin tok.

Although di video begin spread for social media on Tuesday, Malenga say di incident happun over di weekend on Saturday.

Tori be say di mountain get 60% to 90% of gold.

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