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Couple who have been Married for 17-years Reveals their Nine rules for a Successful relationship

Couple who have been married for 17-years their nine rules for a successful relationship

An American couple who have been married for 17-years have shared simple nine secrets to their long-lasting romance.

Entrepreneurs Lisa and Tom Bilyeu, from California, took to Instagram to share their life lessons they learned over their marriage, which includes having ‘sex often’ and ‘communicating obsessively”.


Couple who have been married for 17-years their nine rules for a successful relationship

Sharing a picture of themselves holding a whiteboard with their nine secrets to their long-lasting romance written on it, Lisa wrote:

There are so many lessons we have learnt in our 17 years of marriage. And one IG post just ain’t gonna cover it all so I wanted to choose one to go deep on…. #.4

Ok this one is frikin tough! When you love someone so damn much all you want to do is see them happy. Seeing Tom smile and laugh is literally one of my most favorite things on earth!! And so knowing that what you are about to say is going to do the exact opposite? Well, my instincts are always to just keep it to myself. But in not saying it, for Tom and I, is as bad as lying.

We came to this conclusion when we were out one night for dinner. It was during the early Quest days and so date nights were few and far between. So I had put on a new top I bought and was surprising him. Damn… he’s gonna lose his mind with how sexy I’ve dressed! But… nothing! Not a word! So halfway through dinner, I finally ask him… “Babe what do you think of my new top”.

He looks me up and down… then shrugs! “Eh it’s ok” EH???? My heartbroken self went quiet and somewhat offended. And of course, he noticed! He proceeded to tell me that he never ever wants to lie to me even if it will make me feel good in the moment. We plan to be married FOREVER and so it needs to be built on 100% honesty and transparency. And so when I’m 90 years old and a bag of wrinkles, and I wake up with no makeup on and he looks at me and tells me I’m beautiful, he needs those moments to carry WEIGHT.


To not just be BS. He wanted me to know he is telling the truth. Ok, the man knows how to phrase things right?? But the more I thought about it the more I realized just HOW right he was! I never ever want to doubt or question his words and visa versa. From the big stuff to the tiny stuff like this! As long as we are ALWAYS respectful, kind and doing it in service of the other person, we agreed we would ALWAYS be honest with each other. No. Matter. What. And, to be honest, I’m glad he told me because next time if I want to impress him…. you better believe I’m not wearing that top!

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