Monday, May 10

Dj Cuppy gets dragged on Twitter for claiming her house in London is near Stamford Brigde

Billionaire daughter, DJ Cuppy gets called out after she announced that her house in London is near Chelsea stadium.

A cross section of the house believe it wasn’t necessary for her to reveal her address or give off such information when no one has asked for it.

Others believe she tweeted to spite the less privileged but we think otherwise. The tweet was was not related to her riches but rather football.

She made the tweet as an unhappy Manchester United fan living next to the home grounds of her arch rivals, Chelsea FC and the fact that she would see the team’s new poster boy, Timo Werner.

See some troll replies below:

All this olowo people heeeen ,can be funny sometimes , your house near stamford bridge,
Who you help or do u put smile on anyone face over 2 or 3months, abeg joor

— FELAD?? (@felad85) June 18, 2020

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