Saturday, June 19

DJ Maphorisa claims Kwesta didn’t pay him for producing hit single ‘Ngud’

DJ Maphorisa has caused a stir with claims that rapper Kwesta did not pay him for work on Ngud’.

It all began after Phori took to his Instagram Live on Wednesday where he told fans that after working on three songs with Kwesta, he was allegedly not compensated for his work including producing the hit rap single Ngud’.

In the video, Maphorisa claimed that after the overwhelming success of Ngud’, which also contributed to Kwesta’s career skyrocketing, he expected the rapper to at least give him R20K or R50K to “appreciate” his contribution.

Shortly after the claims caught fire on Twitter, Maphorisa returned to let fans know that despite the claims, he was not feuding with Kwesta.

“I’m not at war grootman,” Maphorisa said in a tweet to Kwesta.

Kwesta issued a statement on Twitter in an attempt to address Maphorisa’s allegations.

The star went on to explain how he, rapper Nota Baloyi and Leroy Khoza started RapLyf Records in 2013, based “solely on trust”.

Ngud’ was recorded during the early days of RapLyf’s existence. Kwesta said he was not involved in the financial side of the business and “was the catalyst to source funds through performances, endorsements”.

“I have never been here before … I never thought in a million years that I would be. Leroy, Nota and myself started the thing in 2013 based solely on trust. As success came, through everyone’s efforts — difference of ideas, mismanagement of funds and many other things led to distrust.

“We never, at any point, owned a single company together. We just worked as though we did and this led to the realisation that we didn’t have the same goals any more,” said Kwesta.

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