Tuesday, May 11

Ekiti Election: Five Lessons For Nigeria

For me and many of our compatriots, the charade of an election in Ekiti State held little interest mainly because the two prominent choices on the ballot and their party platforms (APC/PDP) represent everything wrong with the State and its great people since its creation in 1996.
My attention instead was on the lessons it was sure to hold for the rest of the country, on the reasons we are divided, poor, and miserable. And, on this score, it was a perfect experiment with vital lessons for the next phase of the popular struggle against the Nigerian oligarchy.
First, the billions spent by both parties to bribe voters for whom they have repeatedly failed to provide the basic necessities of life shows that the mass impoverishment of our people is deliberate. It is pivotal to the agenda of both parties and their class allies and represents a diabolical strategy of mass control.
Second, the Nigerian ruling class represented in Ekiti by both Fayose and Fayemi is irredeemably corrupt, rotten, and has nothing to offer our people. The decay of culture and decency which it has a superintendent for much of the nation’s existence now defines it. Being now incapable of developing society, and having lost the trust and cooperation of the people, its competing sections (APC/PDP) now seek to acquire and control power by vile means.
And, to do so, it must keep the people poor, and in perpetual search for bread. That way, they will have scant time and resources for the advancement of their minds and, by implication, lose all capacity to interrogate the status quo, and seek to change it.
It also exposes Mohammadu Buhari’s war on corruption as a sham. His failure to impose his so-called moral force on a party he leads betrays his hypocrisy and reinforces the suspicion and disdain with which he is now viewed by the overwhelming majority of our people.
Third, the shallowness and primordial inclinations of the lazy and greedy Nigerian ruling class is further exposed. Our people can now see why these shameless charlatans have failed to move the nation beyond colonial levels of development 58 years after independence.
The people now understand that these characters would rather steal and throw crumbs their way than deliver on good governance and earn genuine popular affection; that their minds are steeped in the past, and they are holding us all there with them.
Fourth, while noting the wistfulness of anchoring the development and progress of a neocolonial outpost like Nigeria on the basis of predatory capitalism, Ekiti has shown that the local thieves will not even bother to try. They are as vicious and soulless as their imperialist enablers. The nation exists for their pleasure, and they would kill to keep it so.
Finally, our people now see that the push to take back and truly change Nigeria has never been more urgent. A few more years in the chokehold of these characters and we might have no country to salvage.
Those who profess true patriotism – as opposed to mere Buhari or Jonathan worship – must set to task and join the efforts to rid our country of the stench of the Fayemis and Fayoses, and their mafioso brand of capitalist democracy.
Oyinye Gandi is an Attorney, International Finance and Investment Consultant, Policy Analyst, Public Speaker, Humanist.

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