Tuesday, November 30

Emulate Akpabio; resign now, Kwara APC tells Saraki

He said Saraki should tow the path of honor and relinquish the office of the Senate President exclusively reserved for the party with majority members in the Senate. “Members of the hallowed chamber must be truly distinguished in character and conduct.

“The path of honor was led by Distinguished Senator Godswill Akpabio who, before defecting to ruling party, had honorably resigned as the leader of the minority party in the Senate. “So Saraki should act honorably resign from that office of trust.

He should for once tow the path of honor and stop heating up the polity unduly,” he added. According to Bolarinwa, any politician holding elective office hold such in trust for the electorate and must be accountable to the people.

“Every man or woman holding elective political office must know that they are there on trust for the people. It is therefore expected that such person should live above board.

“Rather than towing the path of honor, Saraki had apparently tried unsuccessfully to incite the unsuspecting public against the Federal Government, through series of drama in the recent time,” he said. Bolarinwa declared A PC members’ support in Kwara for President Muhammadu Buhari.


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