England badly 'missed Henderson leadership' in Hungary

England badly 'missed Henderson leadership' in Hungary

Former Republic of Ireland international Keith Treacy says England missed the leadership of Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson in last night's 1-0 Nations League defeat in Hungary.

Treacy felt the experience of Henderson was a big miss, particularly after England fell behind.

He said: "I think they missed Henderson, I know Gareth Southgate knew what he was doing leaving him out of the squad, he knows what he can do. But having a leader in there who knows what to do when things aren't going well or it's a little bit flat, having Jordan Henderson in there just to pick people up, grab them by the scruff of the neck and put a bit of impetus into the game.

"There was no leaders in there, Harry Maguire, Harry Kane not really talkers, they inspire by what they do. If they had Henderson in there barking at the lads around him, making sure they're running hard and trying their best, not just going through the motions.

"You can go through a lot of them, Mount, Kane, Bellingham all just going through the motions. That English team that was on the pitch was good enough to beat Hungary but they just didn't apply themselves. Henderson's been around, Champions League finals, if something's not right he'll bring the lads up around him. Missing a leader that is quite a big deal."