Friday, April 23

Eric Omondi’s show is the exciting new socialite discovery platform

Eric Omondi’s dating show, Wife Material is entering its second season. And wouldn’t you know it, he is currently being bashed because the premise of the show has fallen flat.

The idea behind it is for Eric Omondi to get a wife he will settle down with. So why are we in the second season of Eric Omondi looking for a different woman? The premise is moot.

But I would argue that the show still has some entertainment value in the form of the ratchetry that the socialites, both aspiring and established. And things often get hairy and “real” in the show.

You see, we have seen socialites like Shakilla revive their plateaued careers. We got treated to a lot of salacious content and we got to enjoy some hilarious fights. That’s right, I said that we enjoyed the nonsense his show brought to us.

And as a result of the platform, it provided the previous cast, you have got to believe that this time around, socialites are going to be clamouring even more to join the cast. So you should expect to see the most ratchet of them all.

And the man is aware of this which is why the marketing for the new season is teasing scandal. He recently opened up about the fact that the show mirrors his life saying..

“Bruh my whole life is a sex scandal”

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