Everton boss Frank Lampard: We do not need to sell to buy

Everton boss Frank Lampard: We do not need to sell to buy

Everton boss Frank Lampard insists they have money to spend this month.

Lampard was asked whether he needed to sell players in order for Everton to make a move this month.

In response, he said: "No. If players were to move on, it would be for the good of them and the good of our squad."

Lampard said he had discussed transfers with those around him and added: "I am not naïve to the point that at some point you want to recruit at a certain level to attain what you want. You only have to look at who wins the Premier League each year to understand that it is great recruitment and great coaching. That is a massive thing for us, but again you want to recruit the right type of player especially at the top end of the pitch.

"It is not an easy situation and when Dominic is fit we know we have a top level number nine. Unfortunately, Dominic hasn't been fit for a big part of the season and that has been an issue because goals affect games in a big way, they affect confidence in a big way. Natural goalscorers, as we have seen through the years, change teams or change league position. We want to improve there. I know the Everton teams who have been a success before have had Dominic, Richy [Richarlison] and before that Romelu [Lukaku] and these players have a big effect."