Ex-Liverpool captain Gerrard: I urged Klopp to stick with Jones

Ex-Liverpool captain Gerrard: I urged Klopp to stick with Jones

Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard told boss Jurgen Klopp to stick with Reds youngster Curtis Jones.

The midfielder was very impressive for parts of last season with the Anfield club.

However, he struggled earlier this season, which led to many fans hoping he was replaced in the summer by a new signing.

Jones has recovered his best form, playing a key role in a nine-game unbeaten run that has given the Reds an outside chance of Champions League qualification for next season.

"I used to make it personal with my own teammates to make sure I was best, no one out trained me, no one out-performed me on a daily basis because then I could look at a manager in the eye and say 'no no, I deserve to play in this team because I've shown you every single day or the majority of the days that I've been the best player'," Gerrard told The Anfield Wrap.

"That's the mentality you need at Liverpool, otherwise you don't last long or you don't play enough. I know he's [Curtis Jones] got that [mentality].

"I remember having a conversation with Jurgen and we were talking about Curtis and he was like 'yeah, there's a few little things that we need to improve in a few areas' and all that.

"I said 'yeah I get that and obviously you've all seen him a lot more than me because he was spending more time at Melwood at the time,' but I said 'stay with this kid, whatever you're thinking keep him and stay with him because he won't let you down'.

"Once you get him right and you've fixed the few little things that you need to fix, he won't let you down, he'll be there for you. I think he's showing Jurgen that now."