Ex-Taraba NLC boss, carpets Gov Ishaku, says House of Assembly now ‘house of approval’

Ex-Taraba NLC boss, carpets Gov Ishaku, says House of Assembly now ‘house of approval’

A former chairman of the Taraba State chapter of the Nigeria Labour Congress, Jonah J. Kataps, has expressed sadness at the way and manner the state government-owned institutions went into comatose under the watchful eyes of Governor Darius Dickson Ishaku.

The former labour leader, who during his administration also doubled as the state chairman of the Nigerian Union of Teachers (NUT), made the observations on Friday in a chat with newsmen in Jalingo.

“Every institution has collapsed. Local governments staff salaries are owed, pensioners are owed”.

“The worst hit are those retiring from primary schools. University lecturers are not being paid, ministries and parastatals are complaining of running costs.

“Even the creation of chiefdom that we lauded in 2018, for example in my local government they have bastardised the exercise by removing this one and appointing this one tomorrow, court injunctions are here and there, so many things are simply wrong.

“What was this governor’s contribution to Taraba before 2015? You cannot feel the pain for something you didn’t labour for. The NLC here has collapsed, he has wrecked the NUT in Taraba State, and they even sponsored the creation of a union which doesn’t fall under the concurrent list.

“He is just busy doing what he wants and the House of Assembly is not anything to talk about, it has become a house of approval.

“Tarabans are not fools, so for me, it is very sad and for whoever will succeed in 2023, I pray for the person because there is a big task at hand, fixing the mess on ground will take a lot of energy, time and resources,” he said.

Commenting on the security challenges bedeviling the state, he said, “In the aspect of security, we have always been in the news, I am afraid.”

Adding that, “There is an influx of so many bad elements into the state. And I have seen in other states that whenever some of these things happen, the governors move around to those locations to see for themselves. Has this Governor gone to these areas for himself”?