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F150 Tonneau Covers: How To Choose Your Tonneau Style

One of the few things that can make a Ford F150 better is a tonneau cover. With the right truck bed cover, you can protect your possessions while also improving the aerodynamics of your truck. Many people also think that tonneau covers improve the look of pickup trucks. However, there are several styles of tonneau covers. It can be hard to know which is right for your F150.


Folding Tonneau Covers

Many of the most popular covers are this style. These are usually available in either quad fold or tri fold pickup cover designs. The difference between the two being simply how many panels there are.


Folding covers are quite strong as they are often made from aluminum or fiberglass. A few are made from polycarbonate or vinyl around a frame. Some can open to allow full access to the bed such as the BAK bed cover designs. Others block it slightly. Many people love the look of folding covers. They are usually considered the most secure and the best at keeping out the weather (along with hinged covers).


Roll Up Covers

If you want something that is relatively simple and easy to use, consider roll up truck bed covers. These are usually made from a soft material and roll up neatly behind the truck cab. Some are made from a series of hard slats.

They are softer than folding or hinged covers. However, they are easier to use in most cases. Additionally, they are lightweight in comparison. They offer similar aerodynamic benefits. Some people like the simplicity of roll-up covers.


Retracting Covers

Retracting covers are very similar to roll-up covers. However, they retract towards the cab rather than rolling. This means that they open more like a rolling door. Some models are motorized, so you don’t even have to lift a finger.

These have similar advantages and disadvantages as roll up covers. However, they are usually made in a more premium design.


Hinged Covers

Finally, hinged covers are the simplest hard covers. They simply have a hinge at the front of the bed that lets them be lifted up or down. Like folding covers, they offer very good protection and security.

Some people like the sleek, simple look of hinged covers. However, they do not offer great bed access. They usually need to be removed to fit any large objects in the bed. Some are designed for very quick removal.


How To Choose the Right Style

Ultimately, the decision between these styles depends on your needs and preferences. Many people decide based primarily on the looks. Others pick the style that will be easiest to use day-to-day. If you expect to leave the cover on a lot, a hinged option may be best. If you want something premium, consider a retracting or folding cover. If you want something simple, go with the roll up tonneau.


Order Your Ford F150 Truck Bed Cover

With the above information in hand, you are ready to pick the style of tonneau cover that is right for your F150. Find the perfect model and place your order today.

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