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Facebook User Shared His Terrible Experience At Welcome Center Hotel 

A Facebook user, David Hilary, shared his terrible experience in a Lagos hotel where he lost his passport and money.
Travelers beware of this Hotel in Nigeria!!!This is what happen to me last week when I visited Nigeria this man in this video is one of the owner of the Hotel I stayed. The name of the Hotel is Welcome Center Hotel located at Airport Road Lagos Nigeria below you will see the pictures of the hotel.

On this 7th February 2017 I check into this hotel meanwhile I had stayed in this before for weeks so they get to know me and targeted me , two days after I checked in the safe attached to my room with a combination number to lock and open but I never know the hotel management have their master key Or compromised the numbers Which I never know about ,so I kept my money $5000.00 five thousand U.S Dollars and two of my passports United States and Nigeria passports was also in the safe , on the 10th I decided to change my hotel due to suspicious activity that I noticed in the Hotel I never know it was too late for me .As I finally get myself ready with my cousin who came over that morning to assist me with my luggages then I find out my U.S passport was gone and my $5000.00 was gone but they left me with Nigeria passport .

 I went crazy run down to the hotel management ….. to ask what is going on ??? this video will tell you what the man said and his response to me as a customer that get Rob in his hotel . Thank God for America I was able to get a temporary passport from America Embassy in Lagos to come back home but the money is gone Nigerian police are still investigating only God know when or how long it will take but I am back home. Stay away from this Hotel ,if you are in Nigeria please keep your valuable items with you all the time .i don’t know if I will visit again because I was almost stranded I was left with no penny until my uncle and my cuisine here the United States now send me money to Eat while I was processing my passport to come back home . PLEASES WATCH THE ENTIRE VIDEO , This man will not allow me to call the Police and He never Released the SECURITY CAMERA TO THE POLICE, but he was talking about his bill which was N78,000 Naira ….. less than $120.00 this man is sick as you watch him speak.


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