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Fact that I am a private person and not full of controversy, makes people hate me – Tanasha Donna cries out

Diamond´s baby mama, Tanasha Donna has been containing a lot within her, right from the criticisms, the hate, the trolls…name it! But it has all finally exploded.

2019 came and left, but for many, it was tough. The Kenyan commercial model shared a video clip explaining how 2019 tore her apart despite her efforts to block it all away.

She first explains that she is at a point in her life where she is transitioning and so much is happening. And happening pretty fast for her.

The fame, motherhood, her profession, her music…it is all happening. She admits that she is going through a lot of pressure.

‘2019 was a good year for me, but very tough too. Extremely tough. A lot of negativity, a lot of judgement, a lot of hate. Cause I happen to date this public figure who´s out there.’

Tanasha attests it all to the fact that unlike Diamond´s other exes, she is pretty private and that is something people are not open to.

According to the ´La Vie´ singer, she is a new wave in Diamond´s life, but none seems to accept her difference.

‘And people are not used to the fact that I´m a private person. I´m a public figure who enjoys her privacy and personal life.’

The Kenyan media personality went ahead to insist that her craft and talent can be criticized but NOT her personal life and her loved ones.

Let my craft be the kiki but my personal life, my family, my mother, my cousins, my son. People were used to trending for the right or wrong reasons, constant clout, constant controversy. Fact that I´m not that, made people not like me and made people judge me. Like ´how can you date such a girl? She´s too simple. She´s too….this and that…´.

Tanasha got called out for all sorts of petty reasons and it must have pricked her skin pretty deep.

‘I went through a really difficult period having to endure and deal with all of that. And even as I tried to close myself from all that negativity, it somehow ended up being shoved on my face. It got to the point I said ´Let me focus…and prove these motherF* wrong.´’


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