Monday, January 17

Fan Blasts Actress Ronke Odusanya Over Birthday Gift

If Nollywood actress Ronke Odusanya knew that posting some of her birthday gifts online would cause a mess, she probably would have thought twice before doing it.
Alas, she had no idea! The actress took to Instagram to celebrate some of her friends and colleagues who blessed her with gifts for her birthday, she also shared a picture of the gifts.
A particular gift caught the attention of an artist on Instagram and he called the actress and the giver out immediately for theft of creativity.
The gift; a nice painting of the actress had been posted on the painter’s page on Ronke Odusanya’s birthday, another actor Peters, had seen it and apparently sent a DM to the artist for enquiries.
Well, he didn’t buy the painting from her, but gave the exact painting to the actress as gift!
According to the artist, all he did was have his name removed and the background changed an accusation denied by the actor.
See their interesting conversation on Ronke’s page.

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