Tuesday, January 18

Fans react to claims that Tristan Thompson is cheating on Khloe Kardashian again

Reality star Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson’s relationship has again been rocked by cheating allegations and become a major talking point on social media.

During the early hours on Monday, Khloe was tagged in an Instagram post by a woman calling herself Kim Cakery and alleging that Tristan was cheating.

The Shade Room shared screenshots of Kim’s post, which read: “@KhloeKardashian, I think you’re messaging the wrong person. Umm, come here, sis! We got lots to talk about. Remember you said True needs more siblings? Well, she got two and maybe one on the way. I gots tea pooh!”

Kim continued: “I will not post our conversation, sis. You can even text me on Snap. Let’s put this behind us like grown women! Oh, and stop worrying about that lil’ girl because it’s many of them giving me receipts in my DMs at this point. Leave sis, call me @KhloeKardashian.”

She then captioned the post “Sister wife Khloe, let’s chat @KhloeKardashian. I got receipts you may want to see”.

The latest claims come just one week after a woman named Sydney claimed she had a sexual experience with Tristan at the beginning of the year, adding that he claimed to be single. The claims were made in a video posted by Hollywood Unlocked.

Meanwhile, fans went into a meme and GIF frenzy on Twitter as the claims spread like wildfire.

Many tweeps said they didn’t feel sorry for Khloe because she made the decision to stay with the basketball player even after his first public cheating scandal with Jordan Woods.

Others laughed at the news, saying if there is something they know is a part of life, it is “taxes, death and Tristan cheating on Khloe”. Most tweeps advised sis to leave.

Here are some of the top reactions:

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