Friday, December 3

Fashion Illustrator, Omonigho Imonah Accuses Burna Boy Of Using Her Designs Without Giving Her Credit

Fashion illustrator, Omonigho Imonah has accused Burna Boy’s team of using her designs for Buna Boy in one of his music videos without acknowledging or giving her credit and she shared “receipts” to back her claim.

She claims she reached out to Burna’s mother last year and sent her 3 Grammy looks she came up with for Burna. She also suggested a fashion designer who would bring her designs to life.

She said Burna’s mother, Bose Ogulu directed her to Burna’s sister who is a stylist, Ronami Ogulu but Ronami ignored her.

She said she thought that was the end of it and they had no interest in her illustration for Burna, only for her to see one of the designs had been created for use in one of Burna’s music videos. She claimed the jewellery Burna wore in the music video is also her design.

She called them out for allegedly using her design after ignoring her. She also called them out for not acknowledging or giving her credit.

Omonigho Imonah wrote:

“Congratulations to @burnaboygram on his Grammy nomination!!… Hopefully he’ll win it this time…however, when an artist is not acknowledged for their work and it goes ahead to being used….it’s in poor taste, I presume…
Almost a year ago, I came up with 3 grammy looks for @burnaboygram and reached out to his mum @thenamix / management (see emails) to put them together for him. She graciously responded and directed me to his stylist sister @ronamiogulu , who NEVER responded to my many emails…fast forward to this year, your girl sees THE SAME LOOK, by the recommended designer @jzo_ng including the necklace! on @burnaboy for his Monsters you made video!!…giirlllll @ronamiogulu you no try o…but well….”

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