Friday, June 25

Ghanaian Boxer, Ayittey Powers Beats Up Comedian Baba Spirit On Live TV

An interview at an Accra-based TV station went sour, as Ghanaian boxer Ayittey Powers and popular comedian, Baba Spirit, fought after the comedian dissed his hairstyle and also made some ‘insensitive’ jokes about him.

Ayittey Powers, born Micheal Ayittey Okine, turned up at the studios as a guest for an interview alongside Baba Spirit who was also on set as a co-guest. However all of a sudden, Ayittey Powers became angry, got up and started beating him.

Yen reported that he started his fight with a warning after he spoke Akan language. He reportedly said;

“If I know like you people will invite this guy, like I won’t come,” but Baba Spirit replied him….”What can you do” and that responds got the boxer irked.

The fight got the host of the show, Sokoohemaa, very frightened and alarmed making her scream for help, as the camera men and others who heard the cry for help intervened.

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