Friday, January 21

Ghanaian Nurse who Twerked in Uniform Declared Wanted

The Ghanaian nurse who twerked in a video that went viral while on uniform this week, has been declared wanted by the Ghana Registered Nurses and Midwives’ Association.

The video which surface on social media is considered an embarrassment to the association as stated in a communique released to the press.

The regional heads of the association are then mandated to fish out the nurse so she could face disciplinary actions.

See reactions on social media:

*** People sounding like roaring lions I don’t think she committed any kind of sin or an unwanted thing in life cos it’s part of a yoga.

*** How about the ones that sleep with patients in uniform?

*** So Ghana registered Nurse owns her botos too. Kwasiasem! Doesn’t she have a life after work!

*** If I were to be her, I’ll appear and give them their uniform and go to my house

*** ???Ok truth is that, it’s very very very very bad she was twerking in her uniform. ?…Now can you please leave her alone and get back to work?

*** See something. Leave her alone. Twerking in her uniform doesn’t mean she doesn’t do her job. I’m not even going to read this “communique”. Let her be. Simple.


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