Tuesday, October 26

Gianluca Vialli Believes Conte “Almost Felt It Was Easier” At Chelsea

Former Juve and Italy boss Conte won the Premier League at the first time of asking, but Vialli was certainly not surprised.

“We Italians need to feel like we’re under pressure, we need to see an enemy,” he told The Guardian newspaper.

“The pressure is a combination of expectation, scrutiny and consequences. That’s why we’re so good at managing, because we grew up experiencing pressure all the time.

“When Antonio came to England I think he almost felt it was easier, but exciting at the same time.”

Disconcertingly, Serie A’s most dominant club barely earns as much from TV revenue as a side relegated from the Premier League.

“They say the Premier League is best league in the world. Or Roy Keane says we are brainwashed into believing it. He might be right. But I can definitely say it’s the most entertaining league. I’ve played here and managed here, and when you walk on the pitch the atmosphere brings the best out of you. So that’s already a plus.

“But the style of football in England is also affected by the atmosphere the fans create. It’s breath-taking, it’s 120mph. Yes, there’s a lot of errors, yes from a tactical point of view maybe it’s not the best, but in terms of entertainment … This is why the product is so amazing and why it is sold for so much money. I think the fans should get some credit for that.

“Italian football has a lot of appeal, even though it must improve. We are always moaning about English football but Italy should be the same. We complain ‘they’ve got more money’. Yes, that’s true. But why? Because they’ve got a better product that they sell abroad.

“If our stadiums were better, if there was less violence, if it were perceived as a clean game, less tactical perhaps …”

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