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Governor Ayo Fayose Alleges Impeachment Plot

Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose has alleged that his predecessors, Segun Oni and Dr. Kayode Fayemi are plotting to remove him from office.

He said Oni and Fayemi are involved in the plot because he rejected overtures to join the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Fayose said the plot was hatched at a meeting of the duo in Ado Ekiti, the state capital, during the Yuletide.

The governor also claimed his predecessors are acting on an alleged directive from the Presidency.

He has petitioned acting Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN), Justice Walter Onnoghen, of “fresh plots by the APC to compromise a section of the Judiciary and muzzle democracy” in their desperation to oust him from office.

The governor called Onnoghen’s attention to the plot to use Justice Okon Abang, of the Federal High Court and some judges to revisit the Ekiti 2014 governorship poll to move against him.

Fayose also alleged that the fresh plot against him was “to silence me as the voice of opposition in the country because I have bluntly rejected all overtures to defect into the ruling APC or stop talking.”

He detailed the plot in a a letter addressed to Onnoghen.

“Certain APC chieftains were again making subterranean moves to manipulate and compromise a section of the Judiciary, particularly some judges, to get through the back door, what they failed severally to achieve through the ballot box as well as in open court, even in matters already decided by the Supreme Court.

“At a recent meeting held in Ado-Ekiti, the state capital, in which several stalwarts and chieftains of the APC were in attendance, including two former governors of the state, Oni and Fayemi, now a minister, as well as members of the party, boasted that there is no going back on the latest plans to subvert the will of the people of Ekiti freely given; wrest governance of Ekiti from me, at all cost, before the expiration of my tenure in October 2018 through an orchestrated but dubious legal process; and thereby, render nugatory, the sacred mandate of the people given unto me openly and unequivocally when I won in all the 16 local governments of the state while the then incumbent governor, Fayemi recorded zero.

“This time, plotters of this judicial coup-de-tat plan to procure the services of a compromised or malleable judge to get self-serving ‘jankara’ and kangaroo judgment with the intention of having the Supreme Court reverse itself on the June 2014 Ekiti election.

“Oni and Fayemi boastfully claimed that they have enlisted the assurances of Justice Abang and one or two other judges in the concocted fresh suit, hinged on a report not known to the Electoral Act.”

Fayose urged Onnoghen and the Judiciary not to succumb to “devious plots to undermine its independence and integrity and rubbish its good name and hard-earned reputation any more.

“My Lord, you have a duty to ensure that no judge under your watch is enlisted into this diabolical act by any rampaging anti-democratic elements.

Describing himself as “a leading opposition figure in Nigeria, today,” someone who has been critical of the Federal Government and its anti-democratic actions that endanger our renascent democracy,” Fayose added that, “democracy, without virile opposition, will eventually turn into a dictatorship.”

The governor said he would continue to believe in the Judiciary, going by the open declaration of the acting CJN to defend the independence of the Judiciary; maintain its integrity and deliver a virile and disciplined Judiciary that is impartial, independent and non-partisan.

He expressed confidence that Justice Onnoghen, in particular, and the Judiciary in general, would stand fir and confidently defend the Judiciary from desecration.

Oni, who is also APC deputy national chairman, South-West denied Fayose’s allegation.

Speaking with Daily Sun, yesterday evening, Oni dismissed Fayose’s claim but admitted he met with Fayemi, twice, in Ekiti, during the recent festive holidays.

“It is unfortunate, because I don’t know why governor Fayose would say that. All through the holiday, myself and Fayemi met twice in Ekiti and we did not discuss Fayose.

“I am surprised he keeps making this allegation.

“The office of the governor should be beyond flimsy allegations. I think some of the boys working for him are concocting lies.

“Nothing like that happened, and I will be surprised if my state governor crafts such lies, for fear of whatever.’’

When contacted, Special Assistant on Media to Dr. Fayemi, Mr. Yinka Oyebode, said he would rather not dignify Governor Fayose’s rantings with a response.

According to Oyebode, It is simply a case of the wicked running when no one pursues.

“It would appear Governor Fayose wakes up daily, in search of new controversies and makes one spurious allegation after another.

“And, it does not really matter to him whether such allegations are reasonable, logical or sensible.

“This allegation is not only irresponsible, it is quite unfair to the two former governors of the state.

“And, one is not surprised at this, because under Fayose, falsehood has been elevated to the level of statecraft, sustained by machinery of state.

“My advice to him is: Let the governor go and honour the promises he made to the Ekiti electorate (if he ever made any).

“Let him pay workers their salaries, take governance more seriously and make the state safe for lives, property and investments.

“If he can do these, then, he needs not fear anyone. However, this is certainly a poorly contrived alibi for his ineptitude and apparent low capacity for the serious business of governance.

“It is purely cheap blackmail that will not fly.”


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