Monday, April 19

Hairstylist Calls Out Yaa Jackson For Refusing To Pay Loan Wig

A Ghanaian hairstylist has called out Yaa Jackson for refusing to honour her part of the bargain.

Apparently, Yaa Jackson has refused to pay for a wig she loaned at her shop worth GHC 600.

Taken to social media, Obroni Beauty Palace has exposed and disgraced Yaa Jackson.

According to her, musician cum actress Yaa Jackson came to her shop with smelly hair but she kept quiet, treating her as a potential customer who had come to make her hands full.

Instead, Yaa Jackson fixed the hair without paying. She noted Yaa Jackson only paid GHC 20 out of the GHC50 for fontal. The rest hasn’t been paid.

She wrote, “@yaajackson4 you brought this stupid her to my end, smelling extremely bad but I didn’t wanted to tell you cos I thought you were going to put something down on my table but yet you couldn’t buy anything from the shop. You asked me to do frontal for you and you negotiated for reduction, lass lass 20 cedi wey you pay. 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂”.

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