Tuesday, December 7

Harmonize throws Lavish Birthday Party for alleged Kenyan girlfriend based in US

Tanzanian superstar Harmonize may have not found a good girlfriend during his trips in Kenya, but the funny part is that he actually bagged a rich Kenyan lady identified as who resides in the United States.

According to the rumors making rounds on social media is that the Kenyan lady is a well known lady working as a doctor abroad, and being a single mum of 5 – Harmonize has made it his duty to enjoy she lives a good and happy life.

Since we don’t know much about the said Christine Lewis; all we know is that Harmonize recently threw a lavish party for Ms Lewis’ youngest daughter who just turned 1 year. Of course with hit song ‘Happy birthday’ Harmonize apparently left the guests on their feet as they couldn’t help dance to this song!

Like I said, not much is known about Christine Lewis but judging from the photos and clips shared by those in attendance; it’s obvious to see that the lovely mother of 5 is Harmonize’s type.

Well, this is because she is thick in all the right places – just like the others we met before; but what’s makes her stand out is the fact that she is a doctor who is making her own money.

Which explains the millions said to have been spent on the birthday party that went down just recently. Anyway….below are a few photos and a clip showing Harmonize in the company of his alleged new found love.


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