How bad parenting affects society – Rapper M.I Abaga

How bad parenting affects society – Rapper M.I Abaga

Nigeria rapper, Jude Abaga, popularly known as M.I, has lamented the effects of bad parenting on society and people’s response to situations.

According to him, one’s response to life situations was a product of the person’s upbringing and the type of parenting they received.

In a tweet on Tuesday, he wrote, “You can survive bad parenting but it will impact your life. Look at how we treat each other online, and how we interface with differing perspectives. We’re raised by a generation that flogged us to listen rather than take time to clarify. So we insult rather than patiently discuss.”

This was as he engaged in a discussion with his fans concerning an earlier post he shared on his Twitter page.

The tweet read, “The big joke is this … who we are today and what our society is today is as a result of the parenting we actually received. Maybe the beating, abuse, kicking, name-calling, religious rituals, strictness and presence of holiness actually doesn’t work

“My new code: discipline, focus, hard work, reading, and data-driven analysis and rigorous skepticism of beliefs.”

In response to a fan who criticised the post and questioned his upbringing, M.I added, “My parents never picked religion over care. The flogging was sparse and didn’t always happen even though I was a stubborn child, and my father always spoke to us before and after he flogged us. He would even apologise when he disciplined in anger. They weren’t the norm.