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How The Kardashians Reacted On Social Media to The KUWTK Series Finale

The superstar family gets sentimental and emotional as they live-tweet the final episode of their reality series after 20 seasons on E!

After watching them grow up, get married, have babies and expand their global empire way beyond that Dash store that used to actually have storylines of its own, the Kardashians have hung up their cable network stilettos for good with the series finale of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.”

And right along with the fans, the family was on social media with their thoughts on the culmination of 20 seasons on the E! network. While it’s by no means the end of their time on camera — hello Hulu! — this is the last time fans may see them for a while.

While they signed what is reportedly a very lucrative deal to shift their myriad content over to Disney’s streaming service, there has been no specific details offered as to what exactly that content will look like, or when it may launch.

But the family still has all of their existing social media platforms to stay connected with their fans — and shill their famous products from their various companies and lines. And they were doing just that on Thursday night, getting emotional right along with their fans.

“KUWTK” executive producer Ryan Seacrest preceded the premiere of the episode with a huge thank you to the family which, as he put it, “left an indelible mark on reality tv and pop culture.” There’s no denying that no show has had such a huge impact, or made bigger stars of its cast.

Most members of the family were live-tweeting the finale, sharing their gratitude to their fans and lots of digital tears with one another.

We also loved their banter as they interacted with one another. Both Khloe and Kim were flabbergasted that the usually quiet (on social media) Kourtney actually joined in, while Khloe hilariously corrected Kim’s social media usage by reminding her (in no uncertain terms) to use the hashtag #KUWTK to keep it trending.

“This is such a bittersweet moment for all of us,” tweeted Kim. “You guys have been the biggest supporters to us for over 14 years and we love you all so much!!!”

“It means the world to us and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of the love and support and for being there for this wonderful chapter of our lives,” Kris tweeted out to the show’s fans. “You have been such an inspiration to us!!!”

Khloe was definitely feeling sentimental and appreciative of what the show has meant to her, tweeting, “I had a dream……. I got everything I wanted.” That one got a crying face emoji from big sister Kim.

Khloe then took a moment to talk directly to the fans, telling them, “You guys have no idea what you mean to all of us! I could never ever thank you enough.” And when a fan lamented that this was the end, she was quick to tell them that it was just the end of this chapter, with plenty more to come.

Hilariously, while Kourt did actually check in, it turns out she was “talking during the episode,” so she didn’t even really experience it. Why does this surprise exactly no one?

You can check out some of the family’s best and most emotional comments below:

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